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>> laura: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> al qaeda is on the run and bin laden is dead. >> laura: just months after president declird al qaeda's demise now has america on the defense. how serious is the latest threat? we'll have the inside story. >> we're not broke. there is plenty of money. it's just the government doesn't have it. >> far left congressman keith ellison wants the rich to fork over their wealth whether they want to or not. we have a debate there is a rising libertarian stream that chris christie thinks that is a dangerous thought. a number of people may
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think mr. christie himself may be dangerous. >> laura: chris christie taking friendly fire from conservatives. is new jersey governor the best chance to beat hillary? we will hear from both sides. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. hollywood and hillary. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. big news today. according to quinnipiac, among republicans and democrats, chris christie is the hottest politician in america. narrowly besting hillary clinton and barack obama. but pay no attention to that poll because to the hollywood and new york set, the former first lady is still the hottest commodity out there. at least if their production schedule says anything about it nbc,
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whose cable network is a 24-hour commercial for the dnc, is planning a four hour mini series simply titled hillary. starting actress diane lane as mrs. clinton. conveniently, it only addresses mrs. clinton's life from 1998 to present. so, if i'm guessing, there won't be a lot on monica or travel gate, vince foster, or the rose law firm. cnn is planning its own film a feature-length documentary that will have a theatrical run in 2014 before it airs on the network in 2015. anticipating charges of bias, cnn insists that its film unit operates separately from its editorial department. okay. and i have not even mentioned the film rodham. are you counting these? it's throw now. that's produced by the people behind the popular twilight saga. that film focuses on
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hillary's early professional years including her time as a house judiciary committee staff during watergate. no word by the way on whether the night of september 11th, 2012 will make the final hillary cut. but, i have a question what g.o.p. candidate is going to get his or her theatrical release or multipart mini series. in the run up to 20 are we going to see films like rand and deliver. marco from cuba with love. how about a big screen release the bush dynasty a life of service. oh, come on. today republican national committee chairman rice priebus sent letters to cnn and nbc asking them to cancel projects about hillary who we know is all but certain to run for president. priebus says if the programs are not cancelled he is going to recommend that the rnc not partner with nbc news or cnn for
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the 2016 primary debates. i'm going to say it's about time the rnc does something that the grass roots can cheer. republicans cannot force the media to be more even handed. but they also aren't under the obligation to help them elect more democrats. i wish more people in the g.o.p. leadership realized that most news outlets are run by people who dislike conservatives and want to elect liberals that's the memo. now on to the top story. the terror threats that have forced the closings of 19 u.s. embassies this week. how serious is this? >> after benghazi, these al qaeda types are really on steroids. thinking we are weaker and they are stronger. >> white house spokesman jay carney addressed the issue today. >> our current information suggests that al qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond. and our information suggests that they may focus efforts to conduct
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attacks in the period between now and the end of august. >> with us now chad suite, he is a former homeland security and cia official and current ceo of the chertoff group a global security advisory firm. chad, this is wild. try to keep the numbers straight here. 19 closed for another week. we had a worldwide travel alert here. how serious and how unusual is this and we'll get into the specifics. >> laura, it's very serious and very unusual. when i was in office, it would take a significant level of intelligence to warrant this kind of action. so what it tells us is that it is very specific and the reports about particularly the surgically implanted explosives i think is what is leading in part to this reaction. in addition, the last thing i would note is if you look at how they are leaning forward, this is clearly a reaction in part to benghazi. >> laura: before we get to benghazi, specific
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communications between ayman al-zawahiri and nasir al wayuchi arabian based peninsula. that looks like what started this ball rolling with the closing of the embassies. that's specific information being released by our government and maybe i guess the people want to know what triggered this? number one it's got to cost a lot of money to close the embassies. number two, be a tacet admission that we can't protect these embassies even those those are sovereign territories of the united states. >> it's a very challenges situation. but we have to remember in any embassy, asymmetrically that government host government. we have to live with this the risk. the more disturbing aspect of this is to release any information that acknowledges that we actually had the phone numbers and intelligence for both the leader headquarters burnt that source. those leaders will not use
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them again. top of the two top significant threat now reality that. mukasey former attorney general is on radio today with me. he is very information that keeps being put out by the obama folks. and stuck net virus and iranian system. that information was released after bin laden too many operational details about the way he was killed were released. and now this. but, nevertheless, you know, the president is getting praise from lindsey graham john mccain and others for getting ahead of this. and that's where you think maybe what happened in benghazi plays into this? the abundance of caution or over caution? >> it's pro-foreseeable precaution but also politics. we have to recognize that if you are president obama, i'm sure you have given your team the instruction i don't want another benghazi on my watch.
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if you look at the pattern that's increased a year ago, we had attacks leading up to benghazi and then the anniversary of 9/11 our ambassador was killed. we have just had three prison breaks with over 2,000 operatives released. and leading up to, again, the anniversary is coming up next month. so, if you are susan rice, you didn't become secretary of state as a result of that. you can imagine that's left a scar and it's leading you to lean forward. lean forward is a good thing to be applauding. last thing i would note though, if you think about what was released and mukasey is right. it is disturbing that at a time that when my former intelligence colleagues like the nsa are under attack. the fact that they are leaning forward and releasing it the nsa was the source of this, it does smell as if politics was involved here regrettably. >> 100 prisoners have been recaptured after the 1100 escaped in libya, by the way. that happened late today. we have got a lot of other prisoners to track down though. it's good to see you, chad. >> you, too laura. >> laura: next on the rundown did, president obama play down the terror
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threat during the 2012 campaign for political reasons? we have a debate. later, does new jersey governor chris christie give new jersey best chance to beat hillary clinton. both sighs will weigh in when we come back.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, down playing the threat of terror during the presidential campaign president obama was quick to remind americans that usama bin laden was killed under his watch and that al qaeda was on the path to defeat, despite the benghazi terror attack. >> al qaeda is on the path to defeat and bin laden is dead. >> al qaeda has been weakened and usama bin laden is no more. >> we have got a new tower rising bo the new york skyline. al qaeda is on the run and bin laden is dead. >> what i know is thanks to the incredible service of our men and women in uniform, al qaeda is on the
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run and usama bin laden is no more. >> we disseminated al qaeda's core leadership and brought usama bin laden the justice he deserves. >> al qaeda has been disseminated. [cheers] >> usama bin laden is dead. [cheers] >> why was the president pushing this terror victory narrative when the threat is still very much alive. joining us from new york is bernard whitman and here in the studio with me the famous mary katharine ham a fox news contributor. great to see both of you. mary katharine, let me start with you here. listening to those old clips it's sad and feweriating and amusing. this idea that the al qaeda was on the run it sounded great. where are we now given the threats. >> the american people rightly gave him plenty of credit for usama bin laden. that became the entirety of the message about terror. the pitch was not in a george bush style you need my steady hand on this site
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so we can continue and keep being protected. we are kind of done now. they are on the run. and it turns out that's not the case. people wanted to hear that message i think the press was happy to deliver that message. despite something like benghazi which was a pretty big attack on 9/11. now we are finding out we should have done more work on those embassies and secured them much better. >> what he also said and bernard you can chime in here. the president has said consistently that we can't keep now fighting this war on terror forever. the national defense university speech. now several weeks ago, you know, we can't fight this perpetual war. i kind of many have some, you know, empathy for that point of view. can't have a war machine that never ends. the fact is we do have real threats out there. to down play the threats, what looks like for political reasons last year, is really reprehensible. especially after what we saw with benghazi. >> i don't think down playing the threats at all. playing it straight with the american people. the fact is al qaeda still
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does remain a threat, but it's a loose collection without a unified structure. unlike an octopus, when you cut off the head the tentacles regroup and that's exactly what happened. taken advantage of the unstable governments. and thankfully flew n samplet and drone strikes we have been able to get rid of the lot of the senior leadership after the killing of usama bin laden. >> laura: those are bush programs. >> actually, obama ramped them up tremendouslily and unfortunately there is a lot of members of your party that seem intent in living in the drone strikes and getting away of the nsa surveillance programs. embassy closures. >> laura: you know what i love about this bernard all my liberal friends this is where conservatives and liberals meet. libertarians and liberals. elites in both parties are in agreement about the nsa and stuff. think about, this you think about closing 19 embassies. we just had had a former nsadhs official say do you
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know what it takes to close an embassy? that's a significant move. >> right. >> difficult and that sends a message that we can't predict these facilities. >> that's what concerns me. feels like a reactive response to these kind of threats after benghazi doing what the president said which was my number one intention is to make sure that we are safe going forward and it doesn't feel like that happened if we are doing unprecedented shutdown of all these embassies. you count me among those conservatives who are are skeptical of the nsa and droning. they say they need a hay stack i'm pretty protective of my hay as an american citizen. yes, we are going to continue to have this conversation. i think that's what makes it hard for the president to come out and openly defend the nsa stuff and the domestic surveillance because his base is not too happy about it either. >> laura: whether it's the shutting down of the beamentses or bernard the instability in the middle east, we have these massive prison breaks as everyone focused on trayvon martin. we have thousands of prisoners escaping out of
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iraqi prisons. libyan prisons. it looks like some of these are truly the most hardened of terrorists out there. we got like 100 in custody or something. we. security forces have 100 in custody. a lot of questions about exactly how safe and how competent our approach to world affairs really can be. maybe that's the conservative message here. we can't control a lot of this stuff going on in the world. certainly hillary's tenure as secretary of state ultimately will be called into question when you talk about the foreign policy relations with other countries. >> i frankly think this is endorsement of the obama administration's policy and it shows, in fact, he is not playing politics with it for the very reason you suggested a lot of the base was very upset with the drone program and surveillance program and he pushed ahead. >> laura: that's not a foreign policy, by the way drone program. >> with all due respect to mary katharine the fact is that this is absolutely a proactive response, we got chatter and we are going out there and saying we are going to shut these down
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because the ultimately it's the primary responsibility of the host country to protect these embassies with our support intelligence suggested that is not going to be possible. rather than take a risk we're going to shut them down. that's exactly what we should be doing. >> impossible to defend. >> embassies, very concerning to send a message that's what it takes. >> all around the world, and the most responsible thing to do was to shut these embassies in the face of credible threat. which we picked up thanks to the nsa program. >> laura: i thought hope and harmony and reign supreme in 2008. i thought it was going to be rainbows and lollipops and all fall from the sky. the global community was supposed to come together. i'm very disappointed in all of this. mary katharine and bernard, great to see you as always. when we come right back, new york yankees star alex rodriguez in major league trouble and tens of millions of dollars is at
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stake. and then, does the government have a right to take from the rich and give to itself? one liberal congressman says you bet. we're going to hear that argument upcoming.
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight, major league baseball suspended new york yankees mega star alex rodriguez today for 211 games, algting that he used banned substances. the move could cost rodriguez tens of millions of dollars. and while debate over the steroid suspensions continue, former baseball commissioner fay vincent put forth his solution to the problem. quote, one drug violation and a player is gone from the game forever.
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joining us now from los angeles is fox news sports analyst jim gray. jim, before we get into what have mr. vincent suggested, let's get everyone up to date what happened today specifically with rodriguez. >> well, 12 players, laura, were suspended and they accepted the penalty, including three all stars, one player was suspended for 211 games. alex rodriguez, you just mentioned him and he is planning to appeal the process. he has the ability now to stay on the field for the next 72 hours. he is supposed to come back and play with the yankees. and if he goes ahead and does so, then at that point he has 72 hours to decide whether or not he will appeal. his attorney, david cornwell has said he will appeal. and take all legal remedies, we are in it looks like a long protracted battle. >> he can play during the entire course of the appeal? >> he can. and that can last up to about 20 days. that's the normal course. major league baseball will
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try to expedite the appeal. the union probably will go along with it. for this to continue to linger on and go on while there are pennant races and as we get ready are to the post season, this has been a shadow that has been over major league baseball accept the penalties because there are. $34 million for him off the field because of hip surgery and if he was so september penalties he is he would be out for a couple of years. too old. so he is not going to do. this i spoke to a major league baseball official high ranking one and they said this is basically and i will clean it up here for the o'reilly factor this is a manure show. real manure show. >> the yankees shouldn't
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play him though. i'm a nat fan now. i'm a brice harper person. that's where i end my baseball affection right now. but, this is -- the yankees to put rodriguez on the field, if that's what ultimately would do, i just think that's such a bad move, if that actually happens. i don't know what their plans are for the next few games. >> well, the yankees have released a statement. and they don't want to be in any way, shape, or form acting as though they are complicit and involved with trying to, in fact, get out of his contract and, in fact, alex rodriguez in his statements over the weekend said that the yankees in major league baseball were conspiring to put an end to his contract. so he portrayed himself as a victim. he is far from a victim. but he was trying to rally all of the other players in saying hey, if they are allowed to do this to me they will be allowed it do this to you. the yankees are in a real tough spot. they have had zero production out of third base. their third baseman this year they have had a hit total of four home runs.
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alex rodriguez comes into this game with 647 home runs, as bad as alex rodriguez was in the minor leagues batting 214 he can come and provide help much better than what they h they are in a bad spot as is the players union. these guys, the players union now has to defend alex rodriguez and it puts michael weiner in an extraordinary position, a bad position. >> laura: you know, when i hear money involved, all the money, and in the end, you know, this is terrible for the kids who watch this game. and i think fay vincent is exactly right. the message this sends out to allow these guys to juice up and then go back to the game. if he were younger he could go back to the game again after swearing often hansing drugs you know, a couple of years back. it's like an anthony weiner situation, i'm not texting but maybe 12 more. is that going to happen again? one strike and you are out. do you agree with fay vincent's analysis today? >> i don't have a problem. in fact, i kind of like
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what fay vincent had to say on their. however, if there are extenuating circumstances. if somebody somehow gets tainted eats bad food or some type of extortion or something happens, there has to be cases where it can be reviewed. i basically don't have a problem with what fay vincent said. if you look at what ryan braun. 3 and a half million dollars. seconds time really he beat the first drug test. this the is second time. he takes the suspects and comes back and $100 million plus waiting for him. it is wrong. >> laura: i think it's abysmal and abominable. i don't care how much money he they're making they are terrible examples for our young people. jim, thank you. appreciate it plenty more aheads at factor moves along tonight. keith ellison is at it again. he doesn't minutes -- mince words. is chris christie the best bet to beat hillary clinton
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in a presidential race?
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, despite being almost $17 trillion in debt, liberals want the government to spend even more money and they want the rich to pay for it. >> we're not broke. there is plenty of money. it's just the government doesn't have it. the government has a right.
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the government and the people of the united states have a right to rub the programs -- run the programs of the united states. welfare, housing, all these things and the people who benefit from being here have a duty and obligation to enhelp support it. >> laura: really? joining us now from new york is david callahan, he is the senior fellow al progressive organization. all right, david, lay it on me. okay? why do we need a transactional tax? that's a tax that will be -- it's not a huge tax, but it's on every single financial transaction, especially hitting the bond and the stock market. i pay about 50% of -- in federal and in d.c. tax right now. a little bit over 50% when you add up everything together. why do we need more taxes. looking at the broad picture, laura. it's not just the fringe left that supports raising taxes on the rich.
1:33 am
poll after poll shows that vast majority of americans think that we should raise taxes on the rich. and in fact a lot of rich people say we should raise taxes on the rich there was a survey of millionaires last year they should be paying higher taxes. warren buffet famously said please raise my taxes. and the reason for that is people realize, look, we have a big budget deficit. the way to deal with it is not just cuts. and, you know, you need higher taxes. there needs to be a balance between spending cuts and higher taxes. and that used to be the position of a lot of republicans by the way. >> laura: so you think the current tax rate as it exists today. after the bargain in january taxes on the rich went up to clinton levels and then for other people supposedly permanently some place, the income tax rate. you think that the current rate, parts of the country
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like new york, california, d.c., massachusetts, connecticut, new jersey, tax rates are, when you combine is upward of 50%. the government then has a right to say well, we have other things we want to spend money on to go back to the same well of the same people to are carrying the lion's share of the burden for the rest of the country and dip in again. how far should we go to those people? how far should we go? >> just to be clear, i think we should raise taxes on the middle class and middle class as well. >> laura: that's a popular idea. >> that's not a clever idea. that's what clinton did. we ended that decade with budget surplus. lots of job creation during that decade. >> laura: david, are you saying that we're going to have job growth? i want to understand that. we are going to have job growth, when we increase taxes on the middle class and on the upper income earn errors who are already
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paying the overwhelming tax burden burden in this country. liberal old tim geithner thinks this transactional tax will be terrible for the investor class which includes a the lo of pensioneers seniors. even geithner and obama are not for this and somehow you are for it? >> look, i think the only way you get out of a fiscal situation we're in is through a combination of tax cuts and tax hikes and spending cuts. i mean, remember, ronald reagan raised taxes repeatedly, george george w. bush. >> back to that old saw. george w. bush raised taxes. the last time we had a major tax increase under president clinton we had a record job growth. the idea that raising taxes is somehow going to kill economic growth isn't backed up by history, laura, you should know that. >> well, david, the most liberal people out there and you are probably one of them out there, might think
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that taxing personal property or private transactions is the answer, but the truth about this economy is that it's essentially a part-time economy. we h i think, 93% of the job gains in the past year were part-time jobs. >> yes. >> individual income is flat lining or declining for vast swaths of the middle class in this country. that's the problem. we have no growth. not that the government doesn't have enough money. we don't have enough people in the workforce paying taxes as they exist now. that's the real problem. if we don't have growth, we can tax the rich to 90%. we're still not going to pay down our debt, shrink this deficit. and solidify these programs that you know, people are going to rely on like medicare and medicaid and social security. those programs are going to be kaput. >> well, the problem with the lack of growth is serious. and i think that that suggest and now is not the time to be cutting government spending as we have been doing through the sequester. i want to address this
1:37 am
financial transaction tax you have been talking about. that would be a small tax on all trades done by wall street. a lot of experts think it would reduce speculation on wall street which would be a good thing. those people trade like crazy it's a casino there on wall street. right? we need to tamper that down. >> laura: when i hear the experts, david, i think of the same people that didn't know about the housing bubble, the internet bubble, who didn't, you know, tell us that 9/11 was going to happen. i think a lot of these experts are wrong and the people's common sense is usually better than what the experts predict. but i afreech united states it. always great to see you. directly ahead, which republican has the best chance to beat hillary clinton? clinton? that debate just momen we've completely redone the house. it's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, clinton? that debate just momen and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services. i want it done right. i don't want to have to worry about it or have to come back and redo it. with angie's list, i was
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chris christie has found himself in the middle of if all. >> there is a rising libertarian stream that chris christie says is a very dangerous thought. let's be clear about what libertarianism is and what it is not. it is an arckism. it has a role for government. what libertarianism is. it comes in many flavors and many degrees of severity. it basically says before
1:42 am
the government bridges the freedom of an individual, or the freedom of several individuals contracting together, that government ought to have a, a compelling reason and, b, a constitutional warrant for doing so. now, if mr. christie thinks that's a dangerous thought, a number of people are going to say, mr. christie himself may be dangerous. >> don't you love george? but despite his critics, christie's real danger might be to hillary clinton and her quest to become president. according to a new marist poll in a potential 2016 matchup. christie does best among republicans against the former secretary of state trailing her 47% to 41%. joining us now from new york, fox news contributor ed rollins and here in studio radio talk show host chris plant. let's start with you, mr. rollins. look, george will was stating something i think that a lot of people feel today in the conservative movement, right? that the old establishment went too far with spending,
1:43 am
maybe a little bit too much of this nsa stuff and we're losing freedom. we are losing privacy. military intanglements around the world. a lot of them didn't work out, badly didn't work out. they are looking for something different. so, could that be a chris christie or would it be someone like a rand paul up against a hillary? >> i personally, it could be chris christie. it could be one of several other governors. i think the key thing here is the great strength of the republican party today is the 30 governors we have across the country. we have people like scott walker who challenged the unions, changed that state dramatically, won a recall election. we have great people like bobby jindal in louisiana. we he have kasich in ohio. we have got a whole sear regions of top notch governors and then you have got jeb bush who was a great governor in florida two terms. my sense which one of those governors evolved. chris christie a frontrunner and raise money an viable candidate. whoever wins that against the washington establishment i think comes out basically a much better candidate. >> chris plant, i think he
1:44 am
is saying rand paul is a washington establishment. >> came in as revolutionary. he is being framed that way. and he really is at this point versus the establishment republican party. a very revolutionary voice right now in washington, d.c. which is rather absurd on some level. but as a libertarian voice, i think that if you are looking at going up against hillary clinton, i think rand paul is the stark contrast. he is the bright colors. he is not the pale pastels. i think christie is a nice guy. i'm not a chris christie basher. he is the run of the mill establishment, you know, big government. >> laura: i remember when he ran in 2010. he ran the same year as mcdonnell in virginia. he ran as pro-life. ethnic conservative running and in a state like new jersey. he ends up winning. tough on the teacher's union. he did the hugy, hugy kissy kissy with obama taxes why
1:45 am
isn't this an example chris christie has a the lot of good things to say. >> laura: is he a fighter. up against hillary. >> likeable and he dismisses the press and he dismisses his ad investor sears and he is a great northwestern democrat state republican. but when it comes to the national stage and dealing with the republican party and everything that we are dealing with right now, and that includes containing the republican party, when we're nearly $17 trillion in debt and as you mentioned the nsa thing, government getting too big for its britches all over the place. and chris christie is not a guy who is equipped, i think, and armed to come into washington and fight that, whereas rand paul, i think, provides very stark contrast. >> laura: ed, when you think about on foreign policy, and issues like, you know, military engagement abroad, our national security policy, it is true, right, that someone like a rand paul does offer that contrast
1:46 am
that someone like a christie might not. and christie we're just using as one of the governors, right? >> i think rand paul is a very important element to our party. i'm a believer in addition. i believe every day you have got to bring libertarians and conservatives and tea party people if you want to win. especially when we have lost two back-to-back elections. i think the key thing here who he is how you contrast with hillary and the democrats is by having the record in a state where you have gone out and lowered taxes and balanced budgets. i think the economy is still going to be a major issue in 2016. i think we need someone out there who has been very successful. created jobs. someone like rick perry who did a great job in texas. wasn't a great candidate last time but he will be a better candidate next time. >> laura: and thoughts about someone like a scott walker. is he kind of under stated guy. not a big bragardt. something like a walker maybe too early like susanna martinez and taking on the old liberal lions in
1:47 am
their state and grace and strength and courage thrown in. >> scott walker's story is amazing story of turn around in wisconsin against all odds. he was smeared and slimed. and he pulled rabbits out of hats all over the place. >> laura: i love. >> it he doesn't have the hollywood component that you might like to see in your candidate to tell the god's honest truth. he certainly has a great record running up. on the republican side we tend to be adults and go for the adult -- a lot of this is show biz. >> laura: need a little show biz in the candidates. that's what you are saying. we need shomanship. >> i want a strong candidate that draws the contrast. we had a great hollywood president i had the privilege out there. there is no ronald reagan out there today. several candidates are have a long process to go. >> laura: excellent, gentlemen. here are the results of our bill o' poll. who do you foresee as emerging to lead the republican party. more than 30,000 of you voted, rand paul 40%, crist
1:48 am
christie 7%. marco rubio 18%. and 35% of you to buy a vowel. thank you to everyone who participated. you want someone else other than that list. up next a traitor or whistle blower says edward snowden did the right thing when we come right back.
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in the personal story segment tonight, while nsa whis el blower edward snowden is in russia, rage goes on here in america. >> we may find more facts out over time, but as far as congress is concerned, sure,
1:52 am
he's a whistle blower. he told us what we needed to know. >> 55% of americans agree that snowden is a whistle blower while only 34% regard him as a traitor. congressman, i know what you're saying, see, i told you so about this patriot act. years ago you were raising concern about the patriot act, saying this would be out of control. frank church said so in 1975, that the government can spy, it's good, but when the power turns on the citizens, it's dangerous. >> it was easy to see it coming because there was very little resistance in the congress initially to the patriot act. but as the years have developed, we see it's become a menace, big government in a sense has grown stronger, the executive branch has grown stronger and is now a threat to freedom. >> i interviewed general mulkazey on my show, who was on
1:53 am
the bush administration. he is absolutely flabbergasted that people would think this is surprising. calls are not being monitored. a phone call made from overseas, that can be tracked in the monitor so we know where those calls go. he said it's ridiculous. you can only listen to the content of calls if you go to the fisa court and you get a warrant to do so. so would you not look at the terrorists calling in this country? >> that's not true. section 15 of the patriot act and some revised conditions have gained the government looking at them later on. >> the content of the calls are not stored. the fact they existed is stored. >> i'm saying there is plenty of
1:54 am
information that suggests they are storing the data and that, in fact, they do it for the future in case someone might become a suspect in the future. everyone is a suspect in america. what does that mean for our democracy? >> is it interesting for you that liberals and libertarians announce the circle that they're meeting on this issue? it's very interesting, you with rand paul and congressman amash and others all kind of saying we don't trust this type of big government spying, and there is disagreement about what the government can do, but nevertheless, you're on the same side as these libertarians now. >> we both support the constitution. the fourth amendment makes it very clear, unreasonable seizure should not be permitted unless there is probable cause. this idea of massively spying on americans is fundamentally wrong, but what happened to the land of the free, home of the brave? >> that's a slogan. i'm playing devil's advocate a little bit, but he says that they are not examining the content of calls without a
1:55 am
specific warrant, without knowledge that a terrorist is actually contacting or a suspect is contacting individuals in this country. you don't have any reasonable right to privacy under those terms. that's what his point is. >> well, under the two previous administrations, they've made hash of due process. the whole idea of probable cause goes in the wastebasket when they can start to reach broadly for information, and that's exactly what they're doing which is why the nsa is wrong on this, and i want that obama from 2005 -- >> what happened to obama? that was like bush on steroids. >> in 2005 he said we should be restraining the nsa. >> congressman, it was good to see you. you and the conservatives are agreeing now. up next, the president as a punchline. how the latest guys are laughing at, not with, president obama. right back with it.
1:56 am
in the back of the book segment tonight, you may not think president obama is a funny guy, but these daisies a lauys h a minute for the late night c e comi comics. it's about time. during the first half of this year, obama and the democrats gave the comedians more to joke about than the republicans. >> president obama held a press conference earlier today, and he
1:57 am
says he still wants to close the guantanamo bay prison facility but he doesn't know how to do it. do what he always does, declare it a small business and tax it out of business. it will be gone in a minute. >> this is kind of cool. president obama was visiting a middle school yesterday, and while he was there he said every school in the u.s. should have high-speed internet. and it got awkward when one kid said, what, so you can read our e-mails faster? >> since president obama took office, the democratic party has lost nine governorships, 56 members of congress and two senate seats. now, in his defense, obama said, i did promise change. >> nbc just announced that it's coming out with a four-hour miniseries about hillary clinton starring diane lane as hilary. that's pretty good. or as one guy put it, can i play myself? just for the bedroom scenes, that's all, just for the love scenes. i'll do it for free! >> weiner was asked if he was
1:58 am
still texting and he said, no, i'm not still texting, but you better check with carlos danger. ♪ carlos danger >> we needed those jokes during the 2008-2012 campaigns. a little late for some of those, but i get it. before we go tonight, a little housekeeping. please tune in to my radio show tomorrow morning and you can find the listenings at lauraingr and you can also become a laura 65 member. good benefits to that. thanks for watching. i'm laura ingram and i'm in for bill o'reilly. please remember, this spin, it always stops right here because >> it is august 6th. we are following three breaking news stories. a travel nightmare in the making. hundreds of flights grounded around the world because af
1:59 am
computer outage. what you need to know this morning. gun fire erupts in the middle of a town meeting killing three people, the heroic actions one man took to stop the gunman. >> plus new details about who ordered the latest terror threat. the underwear bomb was just the beginning. terrorists now using exploding clothing. fox a "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching fox and friends first on this tuesday morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for start -- starting your day with us. massive airport delays could cause travel nightmares all around the world this morning. a global reservation system crashing overnight grounding hundreds of flights. >> jolene kemp from the fox business network has the latest.
2:00 am
>> a global computer system crashed potentially 400 airports and 100 airlines in the last few hours around the world. american jetblue, virgin, australia, united and others experienced overnight problems for about two and a half hours. vir again has been manual clicking in customers saber which is the system says 300 million passengers are put on airplanes every year they are using technology. this morning the reservation system says saber customers were unable to connect to the system for a period of time this evening t. has been restored . they apologize and regret the problem caused. >>

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